Women AI Academy is a learning & development organization 

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Women AI Academy is a learning & development organization with the following



Eradicating discrimination based on gender, ethnic origin, belief, social background, skin color, etc. We should eliminate gender-bias / stereotyping from the minds of future generations.

Social Mobility

Everyone should have the opportunity to grow their career and as a result, their social status. We believe that women should not be obliged to choose between family and a career.

AI / Digital focus 

We think that women have superb built-in skills needed for the digital and technical job and in order to progress in digital technology, women need to be equally represented in the workplace. Due to gender-imbalance in AI ( currently 18% female), we focus on enabling and employing women for AI jobs.


Women have traditionally been underrepresented in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics) career fields, but we’ve set out to change that.

We aim to bring two critical dimensions:

1- the ever-increasing need for women empowerment and, 

2- the workforce need for digital technologies.

We analyze the needs of women, especially mums who want to build a successful career that combines family commitments.

​We advise technical employers how to implement impactful measures for gender equality, women/ family friendly organizations and how to attract and retain Women in Tech.

We clustered the skills that are needed to have a successful technical career and a harmonized personal life in 3 categories and we have solutions for them: 

How to deal with typical women/mum challenges?

How to deal with personal and team challenges?

What skills are required for technical jobs?

We provide an online-based platform for women. Find out more about our proven concept below:


To support our community we also offer Free webinars to build the core skills required by employers. Our solution partners and best-practice owners are selected carefully and monitored continuously for performance and quality.

Weekly Learning Sessions

Real-time sessions with help of mentors and experts using an online platform

Unlimited Support

Never feel alone and stuck: Slack groups to communicate and collaborate 24/7 between peers and DLC experts and mentors

AI Jobs

Get first hands information about opportunities from AI Employers

Access to AI Library

Including Courses, Video tutorials, eBooks, Articles

Women AI Community

Like-minded learners from all over the world interacting with AI experts, mentors and influencers

Soft & Hard Skills

Learn both skills with proven and in house methods with experts and mentors at the same time work on your portfolios

To find out more join us on our weekly free Webinar

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