Next bootcamp details:
Feb24 Batch: 05.02.2024-22.07.2024
Jun24 Batch: 03.06.2024-18.11.2024
Half-day 09:00-12:30, every day for 24 weeks.


The Women AI Academy was founded by women for women. We strive to empower our students, enabling them to achieve success in the tech industry while also redefining it with the vision of "51% Women for AI Jobs.


Join our live online, career-focused data bootcamps specifically designed for women and learn the skills to qualify as a professional Data Analyst/Engineer in just 14-24 weeks. We are here with you at every step from financing your education with Bildungsgutschein, to interview prep.
We have already walked the path and are committed to guiding you through it as well. Join us at Women AI Academy and let us help you navigate the path to success. We’re Changing Lives and Powering the Future Through WomenPower.

Your Journey to Mastery: Our Tailored Curriculum

Our program is crafted for absolute beginners, guiding you through the essentials of computer science, math, and statistics before delving into more complex topics. Here's what our comprehensive curriculum offers:
Python Programming
From basic syntax to advanced data analysis techniques.
Data Analysis and Visualization
Develop skills in interpreting and visualizing data using Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn.
Statistical Foundations
Build a solid base in key statistical concepts.
Database Management
Learn SQL for effective data handling.
Ethical AI and Data Privacy
 Navigate the critical aspects of ethical AI use.
Capstone Projects
Tackle real-world challenges to reinforce your learning.
Career Development
Receive extensive support in personal branding, resume building, interview prep, and job search strategies.
Embark on a transformative learning experience that paves your way to becoming a data analytics professional.

Empowering Your Career Path: Our Commitment to Employment

At Women AI Academy, our support extends beyond the classroom to your career aspirations. Here's how we empower your employment journey:
Exclusive Platform Access
Your profile will feature on, our innovative platform designed to solve recruitment challenges for women entering tech.
Comprehensive Career Workshops
Benefit from expert coaching in personal branding, resume crafting, LinkedIn profile enhancement, portfolio development, interview skills, and networking, all tailored for women new to tech.
Industry Connections
 Tap into our vast network for internships and job opportunities.
Alumni Insights
Learn from the experiences of our successful alumni in the tech sector.
Continued Mentorship
Receive ongoing support from our mentors, aiding your career decisions and growth even after course completion.

Prerequisites: Starting Your Data Journey

Basic Computer Literacy
Comfort with using a computer and internet navigation.
A PC or Laptop
A reliable computer capable of running the necessary software for data analysis.
Stable Internet Connection
To participate in online sessions and access learning materials.
Ability to understand and communicate effectively in English.
Curiosity and Commitment
A passion for learning about data and technology.
No programming or data analytics background is required; we're here to guide you from the basics to a professional level.

Securing a Bildungsgutschein: Your Guide with Our Support

To obtain a Bildungsgutschein for our program, here’s what you need to do, with our full support along the way:
Check Eligibility
Confirm you meet the German Employment Agency or Jobcenter criteria.
Consultation Appointment
Arrange a meeting with your advisor to discuss our bootcamp.
Application Assistance
We provide recommendation letters, motivation letters, and any necessary documents to support your application.
Submit Application
Apply with the provided documents.
Await Approval
The Employment Agency processes and approves your Bildungsgutschein, covering the training cost.
We're here to help with each step, ensuring a smooth application process.

Our Teachers

Sarah Haq

Head of Bootcamp
Machine Learning Engineering Expert

Sarah Haq is a Computer Science and Creative Computing Lecturer at Leuphana University
- Sarah has over ten years of experience working with data and building machine-learning models for various startups, from underwear companies to unicorns.