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AI-Prep Program

If you like to go an advanced journey this is the right program for you
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Full Program Outline:
  • DURATION: 4 weeks, 160h in total
  • FORMAT: online/remote
  • COURSE START: 25.04.2022
  • MENTORING Support
  • PRICE:  € 2.800,00

DLC-Prep for AI-Jobs
(4 Weeks-Full Time, online/remote)

Are you a complete beginner? This program is for you.

This program contains most wanted skills which you need for any kind of Data / AI related job.


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If you are driven by social-justice, are curious, and have common sense, you are the right candidate.

All women, with or without technical background; who have an interest in stepping into the wonderful world of tech jobs. Learning to code is the first step to this world and with this course, you will have a powerful introduction to Python which is an easy and high demand coding language.

Not sure if your maths / stats is enough? Don’t Worry at all! We will help you to refresh / learn what you need to know.


DLC1- Prep for AI-Jobs

  • Introduction to AI
  • Maths & Calculus
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Week-2
    • Operating Systems
    • Big Data Management
    • Cloud Computing
    • Working with Github
    • Python for Data Science
    • Python for Data Science


    DLC1-Prep for AI-Jobs








    We designed the learning programs so that you can learn skills needed for other data /ai-jobs based on the previous one.

    You can start your Data Analyst /Data Engineer/Data Science Program at the end of this program.

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    We do everything online/ remote. But with the quality of an onsite class, and even in a better way which combines the advantages of onsite and online learning.
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    We have many ways to make your learning journey an effective, efficient and joyful one:
    Daily Live Learning Sessions
    • We have daily instructor led sessions
    • It starts at 08:30 am and ends at 16:30 pm
    • You will have 4 hours knowledge acquisition  and 4 hours practice sessions
    • You will have 90 min block lessons and sufficient breaks
    • We will record and share the replays only in exceptional cases- e.g. if you are excused for the live session participation
    Ongoing mentoring support
    • We know that you might face some difficulties while learning AI-Skills. Therefore we designed the programs in a way that you can get mentoring support around the clock, from our teaching mentors and also from your peers.
    • You can get mentoring support in German or in English
    • You can post your question or concern on our online collaboration platform at any time of the day. You will get response within hours
    Projects to practice
    • Depending on your level of competence and other preferences we provide you projects where you can apply what you learn
    • At the end of the program, you will have at least 2 project works on your portfolio
    Quizzes and Assignments
    • The best way to test if we acquired sufficient knowledge is to have quizzes
    • To practice what we learned is the assignments
    AI-Jobs and Career Support
    • As we have access to many AI-employers who are in search of female talents, we do our best to provide you with those  the opportunities
    Big Data Queens
    (AI-Women Community)
    • We know that women need help from each other. We network and cooperate with other organisations, communities around the world whom you can get access too


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