Naz, Azadeh, and Katharina are the founders of Women AI Academy & Consulting GmbH.


Naz, Azadeh, and Katharina are the founders of Women AI Academy & Consulting GmbH. With more than 50 years of combined experience in engineering, data science, and management as a female within a mainly male-dominated tech industry, they strongly believe that more women in AI-related jobs are needed to “humanize AI” and eliminate AI bias.


Naz Cilo van Norel

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B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering

M.Sc. in Political Science

Mum of 2


Dr. Azadeh Dindarian

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Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Product manager

Mum of 1


Dr. Katharina Teuber

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Ph.D. In Numerical Modeling

Data Scientist

Mum of 1




Anusha Balluru

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I've called San Francisco Bay Area, California my hometown for about 10 years now. I developed an interest to write software applications when doing my undergrad and I have made a career out of it. I have worked in various companies building security products. For the past year, I have been working on my own startup along with my husband (also my co-founder) called Kady that builds robots for retail automation. When I am not working, I am running around my 4-year-old son, recording music and baking


Sarah Haq

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Sara is a Senior Data Scientist, with Machine Learning expertise. She holds undergraduate degree, Mathematics, and Economics. Sarah is currently a Senior Data Scientist at upday, a news aggregator app. She has been working as a Data Scientist for the last four years, from underwear startups to unicorn companies.  


Dr. Catia Silva e Santos

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Cátia’s academic background is in the area of Physics and she holds a Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics and Nano materials  At the completion of her doctorate work, Cátia decided to shift her career from an academic to a corporate path.  Currently, Cátia Santos is a manager specialized in Data Science at Closer, leading a team of data scientists and working on a wide variety of projects, such as optimization of production plans, forecast of energy consumption, and anomaly detection, in multiple different sectors.


Erum Afzal

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Erum is an experienced lecturer in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. She has obtained her M.Sc. in Information Technology from NUST, Pakistan, and a Micromaster in Data Science and Statistics from MIT. Currently, she is working at NUST in Pakistan.


Tanja Bäcker

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A senior IT consultant with more than thirty years of experience in
various roles in IT. Worked as a consultant with Big Tech companies such as Vodafone Global, Bombardier, etc. She is a passionate change facilitator, business, and team coach in the IT industry. Tanja is a big supporter and advocate of gender equality in the workplace and ethical AI.

Nabanita Roy profile.png

Nabanita Roy

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Nabanita is a Data Scientist currently working at ACI Worldwide in Ireland, in the payments and fraud detection landscape with more than four years of experience in the industry, and almost two years in data science.  As she loves languages, phonetics, and accents she is naturally inclined more towards NLP applications and emotional intelligence.


Rishika Singh

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Rishika is currently a Master’s student in the Computer Science program (with a concentration in artificial intelligence and machine learning) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She completed her Bachelor’s in Psychobiology, minoring in Biomedical Research, at the University of California, Los Angeles.  She is also passionate about promoting and encouraging women in the tech field and along with being a Women Who Code lead for the Python track and a volunteer for two other tracks, as well as being involved with a few university organizations, which are Association for Computing Machine-Women, Women in Science & Engineering, and GraceHacks (which is an all-female, non-binary hackathon).
In her free time, she likes to kickbox, volunteer in her community, hang out at the beach, and explore local eateries


Hoa Nguyen

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Hoa is Senior Data Mining Engineer at a Digital Information company in Vietnam. She has over 3 years of hands-on experience in Data Science area ranging in several domain knowledge: E-commerce, Fin-tech, Digital information. Furthermore she actively contributes as Lead Machine Learning Engineer to projects of Omdena - The collaborative platform to build innovative, efficient & ethical AI & Data Science solutions to real-world problems. Graduate of Master of Science in Economics but working in Data Science area, she believes that the best way to break into data science job market is through evolving in real-world data science project.  Also as a women working in high-technology companies, she deeply understand the advantages and disadvantages of women in tech job market.


If you are interested to be part of Women AI Academy & consulting GmbH and empower Women, We would love to hear from you!


Renate Welkenbach

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Renate is an experienced Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer in Communication, and leadership. Since 1985, she has been working with companies and individuals on their branding and communication and leadership styles. Renate has been known for her passion to train and mentor more women in leadership positions.


Ulrike Strauß

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Ulrike is an HR professional in the tech industry with a passion for enabling more women in tech. After 20 years of project management in the telecommunication and tech industry, she co-founded a recruiting consultancy Digitalitas. She helps companies to recruit diverse talents.

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