Ai Ethics Awareness Workshop for Technical People

Workshop Objectives

  • Foster Ethical AI Development: Provide technical participants with insights into the ethical implications of AI and how to integrate ethics into their technical work.
  • EU AI Act Alignment: Highlight the relevance of ethical considerations in AI development in compliance with the EU AI Act.1
  • Promote Responsible AI: Empower technical teams to make informed decisions that prioritize ethics in AI solutions.

Module 1: Introduction to AI Ethics

  • Understanding Ethical AI: Defining AI ethics and its significance in technology.
  • Ethical Principles: Introducing fairness, transparency, accountability, and privacy in AI.

Module 2: AI Ethics in Technical Decision-Making

  • Bias and Fairness in Algorithms: Identifying and mitigating biases in AI models.
  • Explainable AI: Ensuring transparency and interpretability in technical decisions.

Module 3: EU AI Act and Ethical Compliance

  • Overview of the EU AI Act: Key principles and ethical mandates.
  • Mapping Ethics to Technical Choices: Connecting Act requirements to technical implementation.

Module 4: Case Studies and Ethical Design

  • Collaborative Discussion: Group exploration of real-world case studies with technical ethics implications.
  • Responsible AI Design: Applying ethical principles during algorithm and model development.

Workshop Delivery

  • Technical content presented in a clear and comprehensive manner.
  • Interactive group discussions, case study analyses, and technical scenario-based activities.
  • Practical exercises to apply ethical principles in AI technical design.
  • Q&A sessions to address participant inquiries.

Workshop Benefits

  • In-depth understanding of AI ethics among technical participants.
  • Empowerment to integrate ethical considerations into technical AI work.
  • Alignment with the EU AI Act's ethical mandates and compliance requirements.

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