Data Skills-Training for QUEENS

Our Training Catalogue for Big Data QUEENS

Data Tech Skills- Foundational Trainings
  • Intro to the Data World (3h)
  • Statistics for Business (15h)
  • Excel for Data Analysis (15h)
  • Data Analytics with Python (30h)
  • Intro Cloud Computing (15h)
  • POWER BI (15h)
  • TABLEAU (15h)
  • Data Visualization (15h)
  • SQL for Data Manipulation (15h)
  • Intro Data Warehousing (15h)
Data Tech Skills- Advanced Trainings
  • Machine Learning for Business (30h)
  • Big Data Technologies (30h)
  • Data Governance and Ethics (15h)
  • Airflow (9h)
  • Apache Kafka (9h)
  • Data Storytelling (9h)
  • CI-CD-DATAOPS (15h)
  • Deep Learning (15h)
  • LLM ChatGPT (15h)
  • Intro-UI/UX (15h)

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