Audits & Assessments for Ethical AI Compliance and Trustworthiness

When it comes to AI ethics and compliance, proactive evaluation is the key to building trustworthy and responsible AI systems. At ETHOS AI our Audits & Assessments services are meticulously designed to empower your organization in achieving compliance with the EU AI Act and other ethical standards. Our team of seasoned experts in Data, Machine Learning, Legal, and Ethics conducts thorough assessments that enable you to navigate the intricate landscape of AI ethics with confidence.

Our Audits & Assessments Services

Proactive Risk Assessment for EU AI Act Compliance

Prepare for EU AI Act compliance proactively with our Risk Assessment service. We conduct comprehensive assessments to pinpoint potential compliance gaps with the Act. Our strategies empower you to address these gaps effectively, ensuring your AI systems align with the Act's ethical mandates. Elevate your commitment to ethical AI with strategic risk management.

International Audits and Assessment

Expand your AI ethical horizons with our International Audits and Assessment service. We meticulously evaluate your AI systems against required ethical standards, ensuring alignment with global best practices. Elevate compliance, transparency, and trustworthiness in your AI solutions through our expert assessments.

GDPR Compliance Audits for AI

Ensure the seamless intersection of AI innovation and data protection with our GDPR Compliance Audits for AI. We rigorously assess AI systems to guarantee alignment with GDPR regulations, reinforcing data security and privacy. Trust in your AI solutions with compliance that meets the standards of the EU AI Act and GDPR.

Ethical Data Quality Audit

Elevate your AI's foundation with our Ethical Data Quality Audit. Our specialized audit dives deep into your data to identify biases, inaccuracies, and ethical concerns that might affect AI outcomes. Ensure data integrity, ethical transparency, and responsible AI through our comprehensive data quality assessment.

Customized Audit & Assessment Approaches

Our goal is to provide audits & assessments that align perfectly with your organization's goals and requirements:
Comprehensive Remote Audit & Assessments: Our experts can conduct thorough assessments remotely, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.
On-Site Evaluations: For a hands-on approach, we can perform on-site evaluations, allowing us to delve deeper into your systems and operations.
Hybrid Audits & Assessments: Enjoy the best of both worlds by opting for a hybrid assessment that combines remote evaluations with on-site interactions.
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Why Choose ETHOS AI for Audits & Assessments

Expertise Across Disciplines: Our team encompasses a diverse range of capabilities, providing assessments that address Data, Machine Learning, Legal, and Ethics aspects.
Gender Diversity: With more than 50% of our AI Ethics Team being accomplished women, we bring varied perspectives to ensure thorough evaluations.
Pioneers in Ethical AI: Ethos AI played a pivotal role in co-developing international standards and certification programs for ethical AI.
Global Reach: Our international presence allows us to tailor assessments to the nuances of different regions, ensuring compliance on a global scale.
Awards and Recognition: Our commitment to diversity, innovation, and responsible AI practices has garnered industry recognition.
When you choose ETHOS AI for your Audits & Assessments needs, you're partnering with a team dedicated to fostering trustworthy AI systems. Contact us today to discuss how our assessments can elevate your AI ethics and compliance.
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