Trainings for QUEENS: Empowering Data Skills

At WOMEN AI ACADEMY, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities women encounter in the tech world. Our data skills trainings are meticulously designed to equip women with the knowledge and confidence they need to excel in a data-driven landscape.

Why We Need More Women in Data

Drive Innovation

Diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions and breakthroughs.

Inclusive Tech

More women means a tech industry that better reflects the world it serves.

Bridging the Gap

Address the gender gap in data-related fields and bridge the diversity divide.

Mitigate Bias

With only around 20% female experts in AI development, the risk of biased solutions increases. We're working to change that.

Our Approach to Empowering You

At WOMEN AI ACADEMY, our trainings are exclusively tailored for women in tech, creating a focused and inclusive learning journey.

Empowering Curriculum

We address the specific challenges faced by women in tech, spanning data skills, mindset empowerment, and soft skills.

Flexible Virtual Learning

All our trainings are delivered virtually to maximize accessibility. Join us from anywhere, fitting learning into your busy schedule.

Exclusive for Women

Dive into tech trainings exclusively designed for women, fostering collaboration and networking in a supportive environment.

Guidance from Experts

Learn from accomplished professionals who comprehend both tech and women's roles in the industry.

Interactive and Practical

Engage in hands-on workshops and discussions, applying your knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Comprehensive Preparation

Our holistic approach blends technical expertise, empowered mindset, and essential soft skills for holistic tech roles.

Diverse and Inclusive

Embrace an environment where every voice is valued, fostering open expression and varied learning experiences.

Sustained Support

Beyond training, we offer continuous resources, networking events, and insights to fuel your growth.

Why Choose Our Trainings

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Empowering Atmosphere

Experience a training environment that is inclusive, supportive, and conducive to your growth.

Expert Guidance

Learn from accomplished women who comprehend the unique challenges faced by women in tech.

Immediate Practicality

Our curriculum centers on skills you can put into practice right away, advancing your professional journey.

Intensive Coaching Support

Benefit from coaching before, during, and after training for a holistic learning experience.

Your Benefits

Cultivate the confidence to conquer data-related challenges.

Amplify career prospects with essential data skills.

Connect with like-minded women in the tech sphere.

Mitigate Bias

Our Approach to Trainings:
Selecting and Designing for Impact

At WOMEN AI ACADEMY, our trainings are meticulously designed to empower women in tech with skills that meet industry demands and your unique aspirations:
  • We analyze industry trends and women's challenges for relevant and valuable trainings.
  • Collaborating with industry experts ensures our courses align with tech's evolving landscape.
  • Our focused curriculum covers essential data skills, empowered mindset, and vital soft skills.
  • Our hands-on approach ensures immediate real-world application.
  • Our trainings prioritize diverse experiences, valuing every perspective.
  • Engaging workshops and discussions foster networking and deeper understanding.
  • Virtual training allows you to learn from anywhere, accommodating your schedule.
  • We blend technical, mindset, and soft skills to provide a comprehensive toolkit.

Training Offerings

Foundations of Data Analysis

Advanced Data Visualization

Coding for Data Analysis

Data-Driven Decision Making

Mindset & Empowerment

Soft Skills for Tech Jobs

Ready to Thrive? Explore our upcoming trainings and master data skills, resilience, and essential soft skills for tech careers—all while managing your responsibilities.

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