Data Privacy and Security Training: Safeguarding Sensitive Data in AI

Training Objectives

  • Equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of data privacy and security considerations in AI.
  • Provide practical strategies and best practices to ensure compliance with the EU AI Act's requirements for data protection.
  • Empower teams to effectively handle and safeguard sensitive data throughout the AI lifecycle.
Training Duration: 1-day workshop
Training Fee: €1500

Module 1: Introduction to Data Privacy and Security in AI

  • Understanding the significance of data privacy and security in AI systems.
  • Exploring the implications of the EU AI Act's data protection mandates on AI practices.

Module 2: GDPR and Beyond: Legal Landscape for Data Protection

  • A deep dive into GDPR regulations and their implications for AI data handling.
  • Navigating other global data protection regulations and their alignment with the EU AI Act.

Module 3: Identifying Sensitive Data in AI

  • Recognizing the types of sensitive data commonly used in AI models.
  • Understanding the ethical and legal responsibilities of handling personal and sensitive data.

Module 4: Data Collection and Processing Best Practices

  • Guidelines for ethically collecting, processing, and storing data in compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Strategies to ensure data minimization, purpose limitation, and user consent.

Module 5: Securing Data Infrastructure in AI

  • Exploring cybersecurity measures to protect data stored and processed by AI systems.
  • Encryption, access controls, and monitoring for data security.

Module 6: The EU AI Act and Data Privacy Compliance

  • Analyzing the EU AI Act's requirements related to data privacy and security.
  • Mapping AI data practices to the Act's mandates to ensure compliance.

Module 7: Handling Data Breaches and Incidents

  • Strategies for responding to data breaches and security incidents effectively.
  • Preparing incident response plans to mitigate risks and minimize impact.

Module 8: Interactive Workshops and Case Studies

  • Collaborative discussions on real-world scenarios related to data privacy and security in AI.
  • Analyzing case studies to identify best practices for handling sensitive data.

Module 9: Building a Data Privacy Culture

  • Strategies for fostering a culture of data privacy and security awareness within the organization.
  • Empowering participants to champion data protection principles.

Training Delivery

  • Expert presentations on data privacy and security regulations, practices, and case studies.
  • Group discussions to explore practical scenarios and ethical dilemmas.
  • Hands-on exercises in data handling, privacy policy creation, and incident response planning.
  • Q&A sessions to address participant queries and concerns.

Training Benefits

  • Comprehensive understanding of data privacy and security regulations in AI.
  • Practical skills in handling and securing sensitive data throughout the AI lifecycle.
  • Alignment with the EU AI Act's data protection requirements.
  • Empowerment to build a data privacy culture within the organization.

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