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At Women AI Academy, our strength lies in the collective power of our dedicated team. Comprising experts from diverse backgrounds, each member shares a common goal: to empower women with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to excel in the dynamic fields of data science and artificial intelligence.

Our core team behind the daily operations

Naz Cilo-van Norel
Zubia Khan
Naz Cilo-van Norel
Naz Cilo-van Norel
Naz Cilo-van Norel
Naz Cilo-van Norel
Committed to Change
What sets our team apart is our shared commitment to driving meaningful change. We are not just educators and mentors; we are advocates for gender equality, diversity, and ethical innovation in tech.
Join us as we leverage our collective expertise to empower women, dismantle barriers, and create a tech industry that celebrates inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration.
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