Feb 5 / Naz

AI as a tool of social equality

Transforming Society with AI: A Vision for Equity
Every time I encounter progressive initiatives like the 2024 National Educational Technology Plan, my heart aches for the girls in Afghanistan and Yemen.
These young souls, often sold by their parents to elder men and abused by law, symbolize the painful inequalities that still exist in our world.
Though I don’t have a complete solution yet, I am convinced that together, we can find one.
We need AI that is inclusive, ethical, and accessible to all, especially those in underprivileged situations.
This technology can revolutionize healthcare, business, and education, but its potential goes beyond just technological advancements.
It’s about breaking down societal barriers, about giving these girls and their families education and small business opportunities supported by AI, to address part of their challenges.
My love for technology is fueled by this vision.
Let’s embrace this mission.
Let’s harness AI to create a world of true equity, where no child’s future is determined by such dire circumstances.
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