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AI Developer License

Lessons from Azerbaijan: The Human Factor in AI Development, AI developer license?
Years back (25 years), while working with BP (British Petroleum) in Azerbaijan, I proposed optimistic response times (2-to-4 hours) for our IT Telecom solutions. A seasoned BP manager pointed out a crucial detail I had overlooked: the time needed for safety protocols and permissions to get to oil platforms on the Caspian see by a helicopter ( it was minimum of 4 hours). This humbling experience taught me the importance of real-world constraints and safety considerations.
AI Developer License
Reflecting on this in the context of AI development, I believe developers working on critical systems need specialized qualifications, much like a driving license for road safety. Just as my early oversight in Azerbaijan shaped my understanding of practical challenges, a mandatory AI Ethics Course could ensure AI developers are not only technically adept but also ethically and practically equipped. This is a crucial step towards responsible AI creation.
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