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AI with Emotional Intelligence

AI with IQ: we have many
AI with EQ: A Work in Progress (Pi, Inflections personal AI assistant)
Is it beneficial or detrimental to develop AI systems with emotional intelligence (EQ)?
I'm uncertain about this, so I've decided to brainstorm the topic with Inflection's Pi, a personal AI assistant that is said to possess a basic level of EQ.
Pi responded:
That's a complex question with no easy answer, but I'd be happy to help you brainstorm! Here are some potential pros and cons to consider:

 Pros of Developing AI with Emotional Intelligence:
1. EQ can enable AI systems to better understand and respond to human emotions and needs, leading to more effective communication and collaboration.
2. EQ can help AI systems to be more sensitive and ethical in their decision-making, taking into account the potential emotional impact of their actions.
3. EQ can make AI systems more adaptable and flexible, as they can understand and respond to changing emotional contexts.
4. EQ can help AI systems to build trust and rapport with users, as they can demonstrate empathy and understanding.
 Cons of Developing AI with Emotional Intelligence:
1. Developing EQ in AI systems can be complex and challenging, and may require significant resources and expertise.
2. EQ in AI systems may not always be accurate or reliable, leading to misinterpretation or miscommunication of emotions.
3. EQ in AI systems may raise ethical concerns, such as the potential for manipulation or exploitation of human emotions.
4. EQ in AI systems may not be appropriate or necessary for all applications, and may not be worth the investment in all cases.
5. EQ in AI systems may raise concerns about the blurring of lines between human and machine, and the potential for AI systems to be perceived as too human-like.
Based on the advantages and disadvantages outlined here, it appears that the potential for harm (#3 and #5 of cons) outweighs the potential benefits in my view. You might find it helpful to take these factors into account during your own deliberation.
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