Nov 9

Can I become a data engineer/analyst without technical background?

It is an absolute mistake to assume that you must already have a sound technical education or come from a technical profession before this bootcamp.On the contrary. Of course, technical interest will help you and existing technical knowledge will make it easier for you.

However, they are not necessary to become a data engineer. You should be prepared to get involved with numbers, data, facts and their collection, storage and processing at a high digital level.But at least as important is that you understand the operations of a company or organization.

You should know what the respective tasks are all about. To do this, it makes sense to have knowledge of any other industry. And as a career changer, for example, you will have this knowledge anyway.

Which industry? All of them, actually. There is no area in society, business, science, administration, etc. that can do without data engineering. General life experience or the ability to understand and grasp processes also help immensely. Your mind set, your soft skills, are much more important than a corresponding previous qualification.

That's why career changers are more likely to be wanted, an advantage, and absolutely welcome by many employers. As complex and diverse experiences as possible are of course also helpful for freelance, independent data engineers.

You are in the right place if you are ready.

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