Career In Data Science: Qualifications & Requirements Needed to Land a Job

Naz van Norel
Thinking of starting a career in data science? But, you are not aware of the challenges and opportunities that originate in your path. Well, being an expert in data science requires years of experience to obtain maximum benefits. Let us explore the prerequisites that will help an individual to land a successful career in the field.

Artificial Intelligent (#AI) can also help to control a physical robot, and if you are not aware, we must tell you that Data Science plays a major role in helping AI work efficiently. AI learns through numerous trial and error methods based on data captures by data scientists. Hence, be ready to scrutinize the amazing world of data science by securing a career as a data scientist.

Data analyst
The main purpose of people in this role is to use the industry-driven data to answer the questions their business faces. The data analyst analyses the data, performs the statistical analysis, and then visualizes the results.

Data Engineer:
People in this role have the software and technical knowledge that they use to work with large datasets.In addition to these, other titles in data science jobs include quantitative analyst, business analyst, statistician, system analyst, and marketing analyst.

Qualifications Needed For Career in Data Science:Data scientists need robust skills and competences. Some of the important skills and qualifications needed for a data science job​ include:​

Technical skills:
​● Skill in programming languages like Python or R.
● Experience in relational databases and SQL.
● Skills and Experience with MATLAB
● Good analytical and learning skills
● Knowledge about deep learning frameworks.
● Experience with NLP algorithms.Educational qualification:Graduation degree in subjects like Mathematics, Statistics, or technical background would be preferred.

Practical skills:
● Mindset for growth
● Amazing drive for performance
● Ability to work under pressure
● Ability to unpopular decisions
● Desire to drive innovation
Soft skills:
● Good verbal and communication skills● Leadership skills
● Ability to inspire team members
● Ability to collaborate with different teams
● Ability to leverage relationships with stakeholders.

How to prepare for a data science job and interview?

The first and foremost thing to know before appearing for a job in the field of data science is to know about different technicalities involved. You need to have adequate knowledge about data analysis, data cleaning, knowledge about the different statistical models, different other algorithms, and models.In addition to this technical knowledge, your career prospects for the data scientist will depend a lot on your qualification, certificates of training in different programming languages like Python, R, C++, Java, etc., and your resume. Thus, it’s better to get some training and certificates related to a career in data science.​ Try to prepare an impressive resume and be prepared well for the interview. There are hundreds of topics that can be asked in your interview for a data science role. Try to have knowledge about Machine Learning, Coding, Mathematics, as well as Statistical concepts. In addition to this, the interviewer can also ask you questions about your background, your hobbies, why you chose data science, and several other behavioural questions.

We hope this article will serve as a guide when you look for a data science job in the industry. In addition to this, this article will also provide you the knowledge, even if you don’t know much background about the career in data science​.​If you want to get high growth in this field, work with passion, dedication, and optimism. Have a great career in Data Science.

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