Jan 15 / Naz

Deep fakes in UK Election

"More than 100 deepfake video advertisements impersonating Rishi Sunak were paid to be promoted on Facebook in the last month alone, according to research that has raised alarm about the risk AI poses before the general election.
The adverts may have reached as many as 400,000 people – despite appearing to break several of Facebook’s policies – and mark the first time that the prime minister’s image has been doctored in a systematic way en masse."
It's good to see The Guardian and Rishi Sunak highlighting the deepfake issue.
It's important that people in power are starting to see how dangerous deepfakes can be.
But it's a bit worrying that it's mostly politicians talking about it, and mainly because of elections.
We shouldn't just think about deepfakes during election time. They can be a problem in many other areas of our lives.
We need to teach people how to spot fake videos and make sure there are rules and tools to help stop deepfakes from spreading lies.
It's not just about politics; it's about keeping all of our information safe and protecting our privacy.
Let's make the use of deepfakes illegal!
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