Jan 28 / Naz

Face Recognition Systems: Beneficial or Detrimental?

I'm all in for the controlled use of these systems, as long as they're crafted with ethics, top-notch quality, and legal savvy. But let's dive into a real-life scenario...
Kids today are all about Face ID on their smartphones, right? User verification and all that jazz. So, data is being collected. And who knows, perhaps this data could be sneakily repurposed for other 'relevant use cases'.
Now, these systems need to be super smart to outsmart the tech-savvy new generation. :)
Take this one time, for example: My under-18 teen tried to rent a car using my driver's license - sneakily uploaded to the system without my knowledge! Then, out of the blue, he asks for a selfie with me. I was swamped but pleasantly surprised, given his usual 'no selfies' rule.
But here's the kicker: He needed my Face ID for verification, and his impersonation plan crumbled. Had he had more prep time, I bet he'd have scoured social media for a workaround.
And get this: When he was about 12, overhearing our chat about self-driving cars, he instantly quipped, 'Great news! So, no need for a driving license, huh?'
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