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Femina Feminae Lupus

(A woman is a wolf to another woman)
"Homo Homini Lupus," originally from Plautus but often associated with the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes, is one of my favorite descriptions of human nature, representing the idea that humans can be predatory to one another. 
Inspired by this, I attempted to craft a female-centric version: "Femina Feminae Lupus," suggesting that, similarly, women can also be competitive or predatory towards each other. Though not a view I endorse as universal, it's an interesting lens through which to examine certain societal dynamics.
Over my 54 years, weaving through life's tapestry in environments where men often set the tone, I've craved deeper connections with women—seeking not just companionship but true understanding and collaboration. 
My journey, from the playgrounds of my youth to the highlights of my career, has been an eye-opening expedition into the dynamics of gender interactions.
It's been a revelation to observe—and sometimes, admittedly, to misunderstand—the nuanced dance of competition and cooperation among women.
Was this an echo of our ancestors' quest for the 'best' partner, a vestige of evolutionary survival?
Or perhaps something more? 
As I ventured deeper into the realms of gender equality, devouring the words of thinkers like Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan, and digesting the findings from the Society of Women Engineers and McKinsey's reports, I began to see the larger picture.
My reflections often circle back to Betty Friedan's 'The Feminine Mystique.' How much of this competition is a byproduct of societal expectations to be 'the most appealing'? 
This question isn't just academic for me—it's deeply personal. As someone who's stood on both sides of the gender divide, advocating for equality, I see the immense potential for us to rewrite these narratives.
But here's the heart of it: my journey isn't just about understanding or advocating; it's about connecting, learning from the incredible women around me, and together, challenging the outdated scripts we've been handed. 
The path to collaboration over competition is rugged, yet every conversation, every shared story, and every moment of solidarity smooths a stone in that road.
Let's share, let's learn, and let's grow together.
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