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From ChatGPT to 'CheatGPT

Personal Dive into the Future of Learning
Isn't it odd how at work, we're all about those handy cheat sheets, but in school, cheating is off-limits? Got me thinking 🤔.
As a long-time engineer and a dad navigating the world of AI and education, I've seen firsthand how outdated our school systems seem. Even in Germany, known for its stellar education, schools are stuck in a time warp. Imagine this: Classes start when the rooster crows, and there's a strict 'speak only when spoken to' rule. Sounds ancient, right?
My journey through this began with my kids. My son, a bright spark with ADHD, found the rigid system unbearable and had to step away. Then there's my daughter, a chemistry whiz who's battling to fit her square peg into the round hole of traditional schooling.
Why do we cling to these old-school methods when our kids live in a world that's always online and buzzing with information?
Why not harness AI to tailor learning, making it as dynamic as the world around us?
Here's where my story gets personal. Attempting to wrap my head around quantum theory for fun, my daughter became my unexpected guide, translating complex concepts into something I could grasp. Inspired, we planned a trip to ITER in France, dreaming of fusion energy's possibilities. Yet, the very next day, she was back to the grind, memorizing the periodic table for a test. It hit me: our educational system is missing the mark.
This isn't just about my family. It's a wake-up call for all of us. Education should ignite curiosity, build problem-solvers, and foster a love for learning that goes beyond memorizing facts.
Can you imagine schools that are as cutting-edge as the latest smartphone and accessible to child on the planet?
Places where learning is tailored to fit each student, preparing them not just for the jobs of tomorrow, but for a future we're yet to dream up?
I'm sharing our story to spark a conversation to revolutionize the way we learn.
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