Jan 25 / Naz

Gender-gap powered by AI

Why do we continue to perpetuate age-old societal disparities in the age of AI?
I cannot help but view everything through the lens of gender equality and the gender gap.
Just by examining the headline in the attached post, I find myself questioning:
1. why do we allocate more resources to private schools than public schools?
2. Are children attending public schools inherently less intelligent, capable, or disabled?
3. Is it justifiable to hinder these children from realizing their full potential solely because their parents cannot afford private education?
4. Shouldn't we strive to provide equal opportunities to children, irrespective of their parents' financial means?
Furthermore, when we delve into the gender gap, we uncover a troubling statistic:
more boys than girls are enrolled in private schools.
5. Why does this imbalance exist?
6. Do girls lack ambition or potential?
7. Do parents love them less?
8. Why do we permit this inequality to persist and possibly worsen with the rise of AI technology?
We have a unique opportunity to utilize AI technology as an equalizer if:
9. We want it?
10. We can do it?
11. We know how to do it?
Let's collaborate to confront and rectify these longstanding disparities.
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