How to Become a Data Scientist in 2022 - A Complete Guide

Naz van Norel
The need to collect vast amount of data in Today’s world is important as ever before. Almost every organization stores data to process and churn out solutions accordingly. for example, data can help to solve a Rubik’s cube in just a few steps. Applications can calculate the number of steps that are needed to solve a Rubik’s cube with greater ease. Numerous algorithms are scrambled all together with the help of data, and the best possibilities are tried to return solutions.

From government organizations to multinational corporations, everyone has big data that needs to be analyzed. Big data is then used for the smooth operations of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI tries to pioneer new methods with which several tasks are done in just a few clicks. Having a career in data science is full of opportunities in today's world. Hence, Data Science has become one of the most sought after careers in the 21st century. It is believe that the participation of women in data science would help to close the gender gap in the IT industry. Therefore, the opportunities in this industry are need to be taped by women. In this regard Women AI Academy (WAIA) is here to help you navigate the path to become a Data Scientist. Now, let’s understand the elephant in the room called “Data Science.”


The following questions are mostly asked by those who are curious about the Data Science. “What is Data Science?” and  “How To Become A Data Scientist?”, Data Science can be explained as follow: Data Science is a combination of tools, algorithms, and different machine learning principles that has a goal of discovering hidden patterns from the raw data provided. Data science is mainly used to make huge predictions and decisions for attaining the objectives of an organization. With the help of predictions and analysis, Data Science can help to know about the competitions and comparisons between the organizations as well as in the analysis of market conditions for the launch of new products.


There are different paths and steps to becoming a Data scientist. Following steps  are most regarded to land your dream job of becoming a data scientist:

Step 1-Get an undergraduate degree in the related field: To get a front door entry to data science, you will need an undergraduate degree in subjects like mathematics, computer science, or statistics. But don’t worry if you have a degree in any other field, you can focus on your developing skills and technical skills through different online courses.

Step 2- Learn the required skills, such as:

● Understanding of programming languages like Python, SQL, C, C++, and R

● Techniques used in Machine Learning

● Visualization of data

● Risk analysis skills

● Mathematics and statistical analysis

● Effective communication skills

● Research skills

● Data mining skills

There are many other skills including soft skills that can help you in becoming a Data Science. But, all these necessary skills will help you to land towards your first job as a Data Scientist. You can achieve these goals through different platforms offering training and courses. For example Women AI Academy offering hands on learning through based on “Working out loud” concept with weekly live online teaching and mentoring by experts in an exceptional supportive environment led by women in the domain.

Step 3- Get a specialization: Getting specialization in fields such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be quite meaningful for you. In addition to this, getting a specialty can also help you in earning better salary. Various online platforms can help you in obtaining these specializations. 

Step 4- Get the entry job position: Once you have acquired most of the skills mentioned above, it's time to land your dream job. Create an online profile and specify your skills and specializations learned to get the job you’ve always desired. Try to consider organizations that have the potential for better growth so that you can face challenges, and you may get better opportunities at learning. Get used to the analytical task, and gradually you will move towards the different pillars of success through consecutive promotions.

Companies of all sizes are looking for the best data scientist who can help them wrestle big data. Thus, data science is not just a sought after the job; it is also a high paying job if you have the right skills and knowledge. The increase of women in data science related jobs will have great impact on the economy as well as decreasing the bias in all level of the society. Thinking about a career in data science is one of the smartest moves you can make in 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Make your strategy and run towards your goal!!

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