Feb 18 / Naz

How to get Gender-Equality in Tech?

1. Less mentorship and coaching for WOMEN
2. More mentorship and coaching for MEN
3. More regulation and accountability for Leadership
4. Educate the “educators” to eliminate gender-bias at schools
This morning, as I scrolled through my LinkedIn feed, I was joyfully captivated by a story highlighting women's leadership at the Technical University of Munich's medical research center.
Their pioneering integration of AI technology into healthcare, showcased to industry leaders including the CEO of Google, vividly illustrates our progress towards gender equality in sectors traditionally dominated by men, such as health and education.
This advancement is especially notable within the public sector, underscoring the crucial role that supportive regulatory and policy frameworks play in promoting gender diversity and equality.
However, this story also brings to light a widespread issue that spans all sectors: the persistent gender gap in management positions.
Shift Focus from Mentorship to Regulation in Tech:
 Although mentorship, sponsorship, and leadership change programs are valuable, they need to be part of a more systemic approach to dismantle gender disparities.
 The key takeaway from the health and education sectors is unmistakable: regulatory and governance frameworks are not merely beneficial but indispensable for achieving gender equality.
 I call upon the tech community to initiate a dialogue on adopting regulatory and governance frameworks akin to those that have demonstrated success in the public sector.
By implementing structured policies and mandates that explicitly promote gender diversity and equality, we can tackle the systemic barriers that have long impeded women's progress in tech.
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