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Ingeniuty for people and not against

As someone deeply interested in using tech as an ethical equalizer for humanity, I often reflect on the astonishing developments unfolding before us. For example the one experiment attached here.
Imagine micro robots, minuscule yet potent, navigating our bodies to directly combat cancer cells. This is more than a dream; it's a potential reality that excites and motivates me.
Yet, there's another side to this technological advancement. The emergence of deepfake technology, as fascinating as it is, presents a real concern.
Deepfakes, for all their technical brilliance, could erode our trust in what we see and hear.
How do we balance these innovations? Can we fully embrace the healing potential of micro robots while effectively addressing the challenges posed by deepfakes?
This isn't just a professional query for me; it's a personal contemplation. I envision a future where technology is an ethical equalizer and a force for good!
Food for thought.
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