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Integrity of AI Ethics Experts

Each morning, as I check my LinkedIn feed, I notice an ever-increasing number of 'Ethical AI Experts'. This observation leads me to ponder:
Why do I enjoy reading posts about 'Timnit Gebru' and 'Fei-Fei Li'?
'Why I Question the Integrity of 'Ethical AI Experts'?
Who actually qualifies these Ethical AI Experts?
Why are there so few 'green-tech' experts, yet a sudden influx of 'ethical-tech/AI' experts?
In the rapidly evolving world of AI, the rise of 'Ethical AI Experts' has been meteoric. Yet, how many truly qualify for this title?
This conundrum is akin to purchasing a car, assured for quality and safety by external auditors who may themselves lack the proper qualifications. How secure can that make us feel?
Over the last four years, there's been a noticeable surge in the number of 'AI Ethics Experts', particularly in the Western hemisphere. At times, it feels like there are more ethicists than AI practitioners! Is this a genuine interest in ethical tech, or merely a lucrative business opportunity disguised as moral responsibility?
AI ethics should be more than a career opportunity; it's a mission. It requires individuals with deep moral and intellectual capacity, dedicated to helping society navigate the complex ethical landscapes of AI. Those who lack the interest or opportunity to delve into these issues depend on these experts for guidance.
Sadly, despite formal guidelines for becoming a 'certified' AI ethics expert, the field has seen individuals who, rather than uplifting, end up undermining its significance. This scenario is not unlike the structured standards in other professional realms, such as Corporate Risk Auditors.
As someone well-versed in AI Ethics Standards and involved with various organizations, I've seen both inspiring and disheartening examples. The presence of business-minded 'ethical experts', even certified ones offering training, compels me to question who will stop them from sacrificing humanity’s unique chance to close gender gaps with the help of ethical AI solutions.
🚨 It's time we advocate for rigorous qualification systems in AI Ethics, akin to those in other specialized fields. This is crucial to ensure that those judging AI systems for compliance are not just 'business-minded' individuals, but genuine experts committed to the ethical advancement of AI. Be cautious when choosing your 'certification standard, advisor, consultant, training organization, or audit team',
Let's prioritize integrity and expertise to safeguard the future of AI.
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