Feb 15 / Naz

Men in AI-tech need a SW-upgrade?

Why are we still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to gender equality in Germany's tech scene? It's like we're blind to gender bias.
Why do so many still think women in tech are just good for clerical work or assistant roles?
And seriously, naming an AI writing app 'Klara'?
That's not quirky; it's cliché and reinforces outdated stereotypes.
I woke up today, hungry for news on AI, ethics, and women's roles in tech. The US is buzzing with innovation and even the controversies like deepfakes.
In the EU, it's all about regulation.
Back home in Germany, though, my excitement to read news often turns to disappointment.Mostly, I find myself browsing news or seeing posts on LinkedIn, only to feel like the solutions being proposed are conceived with a mindset that seems straight out of the Middle Ages. This morning, I wanted to read the post further, but my brain just shut down after seeing the name 'Klara' for a writing app!!!
The macho vibe in tech isn't just annoying; it's harmful. Remember, it's 2024, not 1424!
We share numerous reports, business cases, case studies, and statistics highlighting the benefits of having more women in tech. Yet, the tech world, still dominated by (white) men, fails to provide a culture where women are welcomed and accepted as equals.
And don't get me started on diversity programs and awards for women. They feel like band-aids on a gaping wound. We don't need more empty gestures.
We need to revolutionize the minds behind tech, starting with the geniuses who thought 'Klara' was a good idea for an AI.
And dear German government, you spend a lot in initiatives to empower women, but what about the men?
It's time to flip the script and 're-power' them towards genuine equality.
Let's make AI gender-neutral / GenderLESS. It's merely an intelligent tool designed to support humans.
Let's eliminate the flaws and negative biases that have persisted for millennia.
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