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Quick Check Appraoch for AI Ethical Compliance

OpenAI vs. NYT: The Latest Episode in the Tech Soap Opera – A Clash of american Titans
Since last November, the most popular Episode ( Firing and Hiring the most powerful tech-CEO of our times) I've been utterly captivated by OpenAI's unfolding narrative.
It's like tuning into a tech soap opera, and I'm totally addicted! There's this special thrill to it – it's not your typical movie drama, it's real life, no science fiction... We're directly impacted by the decisions and mindsets of these tech heroes.
In this latest episode, I find myself leaning towards OpenAI in their fight with the New York Times. Yet, amidst all the excitement, I have some pressing questions for OpenAI, ones that I hope will be addressed in future 'episodes:
1. 'Fair Use' in AI-land: How does OpenAI define this? Is it like the usual legal jargon or something out of a sci-fi novel?
2. Protecting the Little Guys: How's OpenAI ensuring that solo creators aren't left in the AI dust?
3. Ethics vs. Legalese: Are we talking about real ethical standards, or is it just legal tick-boxing?
4. Peek-a-boo with Data: What's the secret sauce in choosing their AI training data?
5. Global Law Maze: How does OpenAI navigate this labyrinth of international copyright laws?
6. Opt-Out Adventure: Is opting out as easy as unsubscribing from that newsletter you never read?
7. Future-Proofing AI: What does all this mean for our AI-tomorrow?
I’m super curious to see what OpenAI has up its sleeve! Let’s start a innovative-thinking process and maybe, just maybe, we'll unravel some AI mysteries together! 🕵️‍♂️
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