Feb 19 / Naz

Tech that concerns me....

What if there's a real fire inside the movie-theater?
I’m a big fan of technology, especially when it clearly benefits humanity. Yet, with each technological breakthrough, from the immersive wonders of 5D cinema to SORA's capability to produce almost indistinguishably real videos, I find myself caught between awe and apprehension.
These advancements are nothing short of spectacular, but as both a mother and a advocate for gender equality, my excitement is tinged with worry.
The allure of 5D cinema, with its comprehensive environmental effects, is undeniable. It transforms movie-watching into something you can feel, not just see. 
However, it also prompts me to question the impact of such deep immersion on our children and teens. 
Are we inadvertently teaching them to prioritize manufactured thrills over genuine, real-life connections? It appears we're raising a generation of dopamine-addicts. 
The detrimental effects of social media on my own teenagers, who both struggle with depression, are impossible to ignore.
But my concerns extend beyond just the integrity of information. They touch on the safety of our children and the well-being of women, who face a myriad of challenges and dangers in daily life. 
With tools like SORA, the potential for creating damaging content or worsening violence against women is alarmingly high. How many more girls and women must we lose before we take decisive action to safeguard our children?
I hope there are many among us who view technological advancements with a careful, critical eye. It's crucial to temper our enthusiasm for tech progress with a commitment to ensuring it uplifts rather than harms.
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