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The Only „ism“ what I still like is „ „humanism

My rejection of a feminist-oriented AI is based on several considerations:
1. Universality of AI:
Artificial Intelligence should be universal and inclusive, meaning it should be developed without ideological, political, or cultural bias. A specifically feminist orientation could limit this universality and restrict the AI in its applications and benefits for society as a whole.
2. Gender Neutrality:
AI systems should not exhibit gender-specific biases, neither in their development nor in their application. Promoting a feminist AI could unintentionally lead to a bias that favors or disadvantages certain genders.
3. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion:
It is important that the development of AI systems considers diversity and inclusion in all aspects. This includes taking into account various perspectives and experiences, not just those of a particular ideology or movement. An AI based solely on feminist principles could exclude other important perspectives.
4. Ethics and Neutrality:
Ethics in AI should be based on principles that ensure fairness, transparency, and justice for all users, regardless of gender, origin, or other characteristics. Too strong a focus on a specific ideology could undermine the development of ethically neutral AI systems.
5. Issue of Over-Politicization:
Emphasizing a feminist AI could lead to the over-politicization of technology, which could impair its acceptance and trust among the general public. AI should serve as a tool that is objective and impartial for the benefit of all people.
6. Risk of Bias:
Any ideological orientation carries the risk of introducing certain biases into the design and operation of AI. The goal should be to develop an AI that is free of any bias to make fair and unbiased decisions.
7. Flexibility and Adaptability:
AI systems must be flexible and adaptable to meet the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the global society. A fixed ideological orientation could limit this flexibility.
Developing an AI that follows ethical, safe, and gender-neutral principles while considering the needs and rights of all people is a goal I aspire to.
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