Jan 31 / Naz

Time to (Re)Act?

The irony is palpable: Big tech firms, like Microsoft, develop groundbreaking AI technologies, reap the benefits, and then express dismay when these innovations are twisted for unethical purposes, like the AI-generated deepfakes of Taylor Swift.
It's akin to gifting a tool without foreseeing its potential misuse.
When criminals weaponize these technologies, it poisons the very society these companies claim to serve.
Satya Nadella's recent comments highlight a delayed yet crucial awakening. As a professional community, we must demand more than reactive measures.
Tech giants have a responsibility to anticipate and mitigate potential misuses of their creations from the outset. It's not just about developing technology; it's about stewarding its impact responsibly.
I just wonder: Would we face these issues if Microsoft, OpenAI, Apple, Nvidia, Facebook, and TikTok etc had 50% women at every level?
It's high time for these giants to take responsibility from the start, not just react after the harm is done.
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