Feb 8 / Naz

Who will design and develop AI for Education? A, B, or C Team of AI Experts?

I take great pleasure in seeing more people engage with AI for Education, which I consider the number one enabler of social equality, closely followed by health. I am fascinated by how everything is framed in a technical context. To me, educators are the software developers for people, while doctors fix the hardware
However, my pressing concern is: who is actually designing and developing these systems? We need the best minds working on education, yet, in most parts of the world, education is not seen as a big business.
The stark reality is that the finest AI experts are often drawn to the finance and tech sectors, where the financial rewards far surpass what the education sector can offer.
This trend leaves the education sector at risk of settling for potentially 'average' performers. Who gets to set the parameters for AI's role in education, and how can we ensure these systems are developed with ethical considerations, inclusivity, and pedagogical effectiveness at their core?
Designing AI tools for education requires a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses education providers, academia, industry stakeholders, the best AI and software experts, ethicists, and, importantly, students. We must aim to design and develop systems that enhance, rather than undermine, educational equity and quality.
With top talent being attracted away by more lucrative industries, we face a critical question: Are we at risk of settling for mediocrity in AI-driven education? How can we work together to design AI that truly serves the diverse needs of our global learning community, and what steps can we take to attract and retain top AI talent within the educational technology sector? Let's initiate a dialogue on ensuring excellence in AI for education, despite the enticing allure of tech and finance.
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