Jan 5 / Naz

Why AI Might Get the CEO Chair Before Women Do

Heading into the weekend, I'm reflecting on a recent top executive appointment in Germany. As usual, I immediately look into the qualifications of the women involved and can't help but ask: why isn't she the CEO?
It's puzzling why women often find themselves in roles like HR, marketing, or operations, but much less frequently in CFO positions, and even more rarely as CEOs.
Is this indicative of gender bias?
This issue requires recognition and accurate articulation. As a profound admirer of the late political philosopher Hannah Arendt, I've listened to her 1964 interview with Günter Gaus at least 10 times. Amidst her iconic chain-smoking, she stated:
"When you are attacked as a Jew, you must defend yourself as a Jew, not otherwise."
This perspective forces us to confront gender bias head-on. We seem to lack trust in women's ability to handle powerful positions, relegating them to Co-CEO roles or supportive functions.
A Qualified Woman or AI?
I wonder, if men had to choose between sharing their position with AI or a woman, would they prefer AI as a co-worker? This intriguing thought merits further exploration. 🙂
Dear men, your support is crucial in changing the status quo. It's a change we must pursue because the current scenario is no longer sexy, outdated, immoral, economically unwise, and unsustainable.
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