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Why do I view ethical AI as a social equalizer?

I am frequently asked why I am so deeply engaged with ethical AI. For me, the answer is clear: it represents a critical front in the battle against gender bias.
Throughout this journey, I've encountered gender bias at every turn: at home, in the workplace, within my social life, and even in my marriage to a modern-minded, well-educated Dutch engineer. My experiences span across different cultures and settings—from spending 29 years of my life in Turkey, an underdeveloped region, to living and working in Munich-Germany for 25 years, in one of the best locations one could ask for.

From my nomadic tribe in the mountains to the so-called 'well-educated' circles in Istanbul, and across various countries, including Germany, the U.S., and South Africa, gender bias has been a pervasive challenge. Simply put, it's everywhere.
This odyssey has not only shaped my understanding of the world but has also ignited a fierce dedication to leveraging AI as a tool for social justice.
Inspired by the eye-opening insights of "Invisible Women" and "Weapons of Math Destruction," and guided by the pioneering spirit of Florence Nightingale’’s , I founded the Women AI Academy. Our mission is straightforward yet ambitious: to empower underprivileged women to become Data Experts, thereby dismantling the gender disparities that plague our field.
Now, as we venture further, our aim is to extend our impact into health and education, sectors where AI can serve as a powerful equalizer, making essential services accessible and equitable for all. Through initiatives like "Ethical Data Produced by Ethical Data Queens," we're not just addressing the gender gap—we're working to ensure that the future of AI reflects the diversity and richness of human experience.
This is more than a personal mission; it's a call to arms for all of us in the tech community. Whether you're a developer, a leader, or simply an advocate for equity, your support is crucial. Together, we can harness the power of AI to create a world where technology is a force for good, breaking down barriers and building bridges to opportunity for everyone.
Let's unite in this journey from the Taurus Mountains to the pinnacle of tech innovation, transforming challenges into opportunities for all.

Let’s make women visible and bias in invisible in AI!

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