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Women in Data Science - The Career Opportunities & Advice 2022

The women of the present century are increasingly becoming independent. You will find women in almost every industry fulfilling their responsibilities. All they need is opportunity and recognition of the work they perform. It was a decade back when women were made to believe that technical stuff is something that they cannot get into. Eventually, they were made to pursue a career that doesn't require technical knowledge.

As a result, many women fear to enter the world of technology for example in data science. But, this should not be the case as many organizations and institutions are empowering and educating women day and night to achieve their goals. Moreover, the field of data science and artificial intelligence requires particular knowledge that is not at all gender-specific. With women like Ada Lovelace, Jean Jennings Bartik, and Adele Goldberg, women are setting examples of how they are leading the world the world of data science conveniently and easily.

As per a report,only 26% of data professionals are women in 2019. In addition to this, the gender gap in the field of data science has grown significantly in the last few decades. One of the biggest reasons for this staggering gender gap in data science is that from the beginning of education, women have been discouraged from pursuing careers in STEM.

In addition to this, women have also been pushed away from STEM jobs.With the change in generation, culture, and opportunities, we need to include more women in data science.
We need to make data science a career opportunity that can be accessible to people of all gender.If you are a woman who gets excited looking at raw data, why not pursue a career in data science?

Some of the career opportunities include:
● Data scientist
● Data architect
● Data analyst
● Business analyst
● Analytics manager
● Data administrator

For each of the above-mentioned roles, different skill sets are required. Even if you know nothing about these skills, you can achieve these skills through various training and online courses available at different platforms.

Opportunities for Women in data science:There are different ways to empower women in data science. Most reports suggest that women bring a different perspective to business, and thus, it is essential to fill the void by empowering more women in the field of data science.Some of the ways to fill this gender gap include:Encourage women with STEM background:Companies, as well as educational institutions, need to encourage women in STEM backgrounds from the beginning.

Most educational institutes should constitute a program that can give STEM training in particular in data scienece related skills, especially to women. In addition to this, organizations should also focus on STEM training and internship for women.Women-friendly organizations:Leaders of organizations should try to improve the opportunities provided to women.

In addition to this, policies should be made such that it can create equal opportunities for both genders. Women should be given equal pay, fair promotion, and equal projects when it comes to data science-related roles. Many studies have found that women are as best as men when it comes to data science, so there should be no bias at the organizational level.

Mentorship to enhance skill:Even if you are a woman who doesn't have enough skills and degrees to get the opportunity in the data science field, you can look for different mentorship programs. Many organizations are providing internships as well as training courses, specially designed for women. So, enroll in these courses to get the required skills and benefits offered.

For all the women who are looking to work in the field of data science, change your mindset, learn from scientists like Ada Lovelace, Jean Jennings Bartik, Adele Goldberg, and you will get unlimited opportunities in this fast-paced, data-driven era.
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