Your opportunities as a DATA ENGINEER

In short, every industry needs DATA ANALYSTS AND DATA TECHNICIANS. You'll have good opportunities in the marketplace for a long time to come.

Once again, based on data from employment agencies, job boards and the media, we estimate that in the first third of 2022 there were about 15,000 to 20,000 open positions in data engineering in Germany alone.
For the global demand, you can add two zeros to each of these numbers.

And if you want, the worldwide demand is even of interest to you. The number of companies or organizations looking for employees worldwide who can work from home is increasing.

Of course, you can also go to the office of your regional employer. With 15,000 offers, the next open position is not that far away.

Calculated on the basis of an eight-hour workday, the lowest annual salary for data engineers in Germany is around 45,000 euros. Your entry level could also be 50,000 or 60,000 euros at the beginning of Q2 2022, according to our research.

If employers can let you work at home, it is of course also an option to earn money as a freelancer on your own responsibility. The demand for this is growing. Also because employers can't fill enough positions. If you have the courage to be self-employed or to combine employment with self-employment, you will have many opportunities and gain extensive experience that will benefit later employers or customers and thus you.

And admittedly, if you manage to end up with British or US employers or clients, for example, there is a lot more in it financially than in Germany.

In the early 20s of this century, we talk a lot about the end of globalization. Maybe that will affect some processes. But the possibility of meeting the demand for skilled workers through providers from other countries will certainly remain. Looking at the entire globe can be worthwhile for the individual. Whether employed or self-employed.

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