AI Ethics Awareness for Technical People

Unlock Ethical AI Innovation with Expert Guidance
Why This Training?
In the ever-expanding domain of artificial intelligence, ethical considerations stand at the forefront of responsible innovation. With the EU AI Act laying a strong emphasis on ethical AI deployment, it becomes imperative for technical teams to align their methodologies and practices accordingly. This training is curated to elevate the ethical consciousness of your technical team, enabling them to weave responsibility into the fabric of AI solutions. Dive deep into the ethical dimensions of AI, comprehend the nuances of the EU AI Act, and ensure that your AI initiatives not only drive innovation but also champion ethical standards. Join us, and empower your technical team to pioneer AI solutions that resonate with values, responsibility, and trust.
Duration: 1 Day (8 hours), (online / virtual live session)

Who Should Attend?

 AI Developers and Engineers looking to infuse ethical considerations in their AI solutions.
 Data Scientists aiming to ensure their models are fair, transparent, and unbiased.
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 Technical Project Managers overseeing AI or ML-based projects.
 IT professionals curious about the ethical implications of AI technologies.

Course Highlights

 Introduction to Ethical AI: Dive deep into the importance of ethics in AI.
 Navigating the EU AI Act: Understand and align with the key mandates of the Act.
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 Hands-on Workshops: Engage in group activities for practical ethical problem-solving.
 Data Privacy and Security: Navigate the intricate world of data protection in AI.
 Interactive Q&A Sessions: Get all your queries addressed by experts in the field.


 Basic understanding of AI and ML concepts.
 Familiarity with general IT operations and processes.

Training Materials Needed by Participants

Laptop or computer with internet connection.
Notepad and pen for note-taking.
Pre-installed tools and software (a list will be provided ahead of the training).
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Training Content

AI Ethics Awareness for Technical People 

Objective: Elevate your technical team's ethical consciousness with a clear understanding of the ethical dimensions of AI, the responsibilities in fostering responsible AI practices, and the alignment with the EU AI Act's requirements.

Session 1: Introduction to Ethical AI

  • What is Ethical AI?
  • The role of ethics in AI development and deployment.
  • Real-world scenarios highlighting the ethical impact of AI.

Session 2: Navigating the EU AI Act

  • Overview of the EU AI Act and its ethical focus.
  • Key mandates of the Act relevant to technical teams.
  • How the Act influences AI development and deployment.

Session 3: Bias and Fairness in AI

  • Understanding sources of bias in data and models.
  • Technical strategies to identify and mitigate bias.
  • Tools and techniques for ensuring fairness in AI solutions.

Session 4: AI Transparency and Explainability

  • The importance of transparent and explainable AI.
  • Techniques to improve model transparency.
  • Tools available for enhancing explainability in AI.

Session 5: Accountability and Responsibility in AI Deployment

  • Roles and responsibilities of technical teams in ethical AI.
  • Best practices for error handling and accountability.
  • Strategies for ensuring the reliability and robustness of AI solutions.

Session 6: Workshop: Ethical Considerations in AI Design

  • Group activity to design an AI solution with ethical considerations in mind.
  • Case studies for hands-on ethical problem solving.
  • Sharing, feedback, and discussions on developed solutions.

Session 7: Data Privacy and Security in AI

  • Importance of data protection in the AI lifecycle.
  • Best practices and tools for ensuring data security.
  • Overview of GDPR and its implications on AI data processing.

Session 8: Concluding Remarks and Q&A

  • Reflecting on the importance of ethics in the AI journey.
  • Addressing questions and providing clarity on discussed topics.
  • Encouraging proactive ethical considerations in future AI projects.
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