Leadership Skills for Women

Ignite Your Inner Leader
Why This Training?
In today's evolving professional landscape, women continue to rise, shattering ceilings and leading revolutions. However, unique challenges persist for women aspiring to leadership roles. This training aims to equip women with the tools, strategies, and confidence to navigate the leadership journey effectively and empower others along the way. Harness your potential and let your leadership legacy shine!
Duration: 3 Hours (online / virtual live session)

Who Should Attend?

 Aspiring women leaders looking to climb the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder.
 Established professionals seeking to refine their leadership capabilities.
 Anyone interested in understanding the unique leadership challenges and strengths of women.

Course Highlights

 Understanding the Leadership Landscape: Dive into the world of women leaders across history and the challenges they faced.
 Assertive Communication: Speak with clarity, conviction, and charisma without being aggressive.
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 Building Resilience & Confidence: Rise stronger from setbacks and radiate confidence in every decision.
 Emotional Intelligence Mastery: Foster deeper connections and lead with empathy.
 Strategies for Empowerment: Learn how to lift and empower your peers and subordinates, especially fellow women.
 Navigating Negotiations: Equip yourself with tactics tailored for women.
 Networking & Relationship Building: Forge powerful and genuine professional relationships.
 Crafting a Personal Leadership Action Plan: Tailor your leadership path with a bespoke roadmap.


 A willingness to reflect on personal strengths and areas for growth.
 An open mindset, ready to challenge traditional leadership norms.
 Prior professional experience is beneficial but not mandatory.

Training Materials Needed from the Participants:

Notebook or digital tool for note-taking.
Any prior leadership training materials or self-assessments they'd like to reference or discuss.
A brief description (a paragraph or so) of a leadership challenge they've faced or seen, for discussion (optional for fostering an interactive session).
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Training Content

Leadership Skills for Women

Session 1: Understanding Leadership & Its Challenges for Women

  • Introduction to Leadership: Defining leadership from a woman's perspective.
  • Historical Context: A brief overview of women in leadership roles over the years.
  • Challenges Faced by Women in Leadership: Discussing the glass ceiling, gender biases, stereotypes, and balancing personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Self-awareness and Self-assessment: Identifying individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

Session 2: Building and Projecting Confidence

  • Understanding Confidence: Difference between confidence and arrogance, the role of confidence in leadership.
  • Assertive Communication: Expressing oneself confidently without being aggressive.
  • Building Resilience: Strategies to handle setbacks, criticisms, and failures.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing, understanding, and managing our own emotions and those of others.

Session 3: Empowering Others and Navigating Leadership Challenges

  • Empowerment Strategies: How women leaders can lift others, especially other women.
  • Mentorship and Sponsorship: The importance of having and being a mentor/sponsor.
  • Negotiation Skills: Tailored for women; understanding the nuances and mastering the art.
  • Networking: Building genuine connections, finding and creating opportunities.
  • Action Plan: Setting a roadmap for leadership development tailored to individual goals and challenges.
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