Elevate Your Chatbot and AI Capabilities with the Power of ChatGPT
Why This Training?
In the age of information, communication and automation merge to create impactful experiences. ChatGPT, part of OpenAI's revolutionary LLM family, is redefining what's possible with conversational AI. This training will empower you with the expertise to leverage ChatGPT for various applications, from chatbots to virtual assistants, ensuring a competitive edge in a tech-driven landscape.
Duration: 15 Hours (online / virtual live session)

Who Should Attend?

  AI and Machine Learning Enthusiasts: Explore the frontiers of conversational AI.
 Developers and Software Engineers: Integrate advanced language models into applications.
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 Product Managers and Strategists: Understand the capabilities and implications of state-of-the-art chat models for product development.
 Business Professionals: Discover how ChatGPT can be a game-changer for customer interactions and service automation.

Course Highlights

 In-Depth Introduction: Dive deep into the world of NLP, Language Models, and the specificities of ChatGPT.
 Interactive Labs: Engage in hands-on sessions, from crafting prompts to building simple chatbot applications.
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 Advanced Techniques: Unlock the potential of ChatGPT with advanced prompt engineering and fine-tuning.
 Real-World Applications: Learn how to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into various platforms for diverse applications.
 Ethical Considerations: Address the challenges of biases, safety, and the broader implications of deploying advanced language models.


 Basic understanding of machine learning concepts.
 Familiarity with any programming language (preferably Python).
 An interest in chatbots and conversational AI.

Materials Required by Participants

A computer with internet access.
An active OpenAI account (for accessing the API during labs).
Python environment (preferably Anaconda) installed.
A text editor or IDE for coding (e.g., Visual Studio Code, PyCharm).
A willingness to engage, experiment, and explore!
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Training Content


Harnessing the Power of Advanced Language Models

1. Introduction to Language Models & LLM-ChatGPT

1.1. Overview of NLP and Language Models
  • What is Natural Language Processing?
  • Evolution of Language Models: From RNNs to Transformers.
1.2. Deep Dive into ChatGPT and the LLM Family
  • Features, capabilities, and real-world applications.

1.3. Setting up the Environment
  • Accessing ChatGPT through OpenAI API.
  • Basic setup and requirements.

2. Basics of Interaction & Response Generation

2.1. Introduction to Prompt Engineering
  • Crafting effective prompts for desired outputs.
  • Common patterns and best practices.
2.2. Exploring Model Parameters
  • Adjusting temperature and max tokens.
  • Understanding the effects of different settings on output.
2.3. Hands-on Lab: Interacting with ChatGPT
  • Trying out diverse prompts.
  • Analyzing model responses.

3. Advanced Interaction Techniques & Fine-Tuning

3.1. Advanced Prompt Engineering
  • Techniques for more consistent and nuanced responses.
  • Exploring the system behavior.
3.2. Basics of Model Fine-Tuning
  • When and why to fine-tune?
  • Data preparation and considerations
3.3. Hands-on Lab: Fine-tuning Experiments
  • Setting up a fine-tuning environment.
  • Running basic fine-tuning tasks.

4. Applications & Integrations

4.1. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
  • Best practices for deploying ChatGPT in conversational AI settings.
  • Handling multi-turn conversations.

4.2. Integrating ChatGPT with External Systems
  • Web integration using OpenAI API.
  • Mobile applications and other platforms.

4.3. Hands-on Lab: Building a Simple Chatbot
  • Using web frameworks and OpenAI API.
  • Testing and refining the chatbot.

5. Best Practices, Ethics, & Limitations

5.1. Safety and Ethical Considerations
  • Addressing biases in language models.
  • Techniques for safer model outputs.
5.2. Real-world Limitations of ChatGPT
  • Where does the model excel, and where does it fall short?

5.3. Open Discussion & Q&A
  • Addressing participant queries.
  • Exploring potential use-cases proposed by attendees.
5.4. Open Discussion & Q&A
  • What's next for the world of language models and ChatGPT?

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