Unlock the Power of Data: Dive Deep with Power BI Training
Why Opt for This Training? 
In a data-driven world, visualizing insights is key. Power BI emerges as a frontrunner, changing the way businesses perceive data. This course is tailored to ensure participants not only learn Power BI but master its potential to impact decision-making.
Duration: 15 Hours (online / virtual live session)

Who is This For?

Data enthusiasts, business analysts, professionals keen on data visualization, and anyone looking to harness the capabilities of Power BI for impactful insights.

Course Highlights

 Your First Step into Power BI World: Understand what Power BI is, its various forms, and its pivotal role in business analytics.
 Kickstarting Your Power BI Journey: Get hands-on with Power BI installation, navigating its interface, and importing data seamlessly.
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 Manipulating Data with Mastery: Dive into the Power Query Editor, learn from basic to advanced transformations, and understand the art of building relationships between datasets.
 Artistry in Data Visualization: Grasp how to turn raw numbers into insightful visuals and discover the diverse visuals at your disposal.
 Unlocking DAX's Potential: Decipher the language of Power BI with DAX, from its basic syntax to time intelligence functions and contextual nuances.
 Dashboarding Like a Pro: Integrate your skills to create interactive, informative dashboards, and discover the nuances of effective dashboard design.
 Beyond the Basics: From using natural language queries to creating dynamic measures, elevate your Power BI prowess with advanced techniques.
 Seamless Synergy with Microsoft: Realize the full potential of Power BI by integrating it with other Microsoft stalwarts like Excel and Teams.
 Wrap-up and Clarifications: A recap session to solidify your learnings, coupled with a Q&A to ensure no stone is left unturned.


 Basic Data Understanding: Familiarity with basic data concepts and terminologies.
 Enthusiasm to Learn: A keen interest in data visualization and analytics.

Materials Participants Should Bring

Installed with Power BI Desktop (latest version) and a modern browser.
Data Sets
Sample data sets for hands-on exercises (to be provided prior to training).
Notebook & Pen
Ideal for jotting down insights and questions during sessions.
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Training Content

Power BI Training Plan

Objective: Equip participants with a solid foundation in Power BI to create, analyze, and share insights through interactive dashboards

1. Introduction to Power BI

Objective: Familiarize participants with the tool and its significance in the data visualization space.
  • What is Power BI?
  • Power BI Desktop vs. Power BI Service vs. Power BI Mobile.
  • Importance in the modern business landscape.

2. Setting Up & Getting Started

Objective: Guide participants through the initial steps required to use Power BI.
  • Installation of Power BI Desktop.
  • Exploring the Power BI interface.
  • Importing data from various sources (Excel, databases, online services).

3. Data Transformation & Modeling

Objective: Introduce participants to the Power Query Editor and basic data modeling concepts.
  • Overview of the Power Query Editor.
  • Basic transformations: filtering, sorting, adding/removing columns.
  • Advanced transformations: merging, appending, pivoting data.
  • Creating relationships between tables.

4. Data Visualization

Objective: Teach participants how to present data insights visually.
  • Basics of creating visuals (charts, graphs, tables).
  • Using different types of visuals: bar/column charts, line charts, pie/donut charts, maps, etc.
  • Formatting and customizing visuals.
  • Using slicers and filters for interactivity.

5. DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

Objective: Introduce participants to DAX, which is essential for creating calculated columns and measures.
  • Basics of DAX syntax.
  • Common functions: SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, etc.
  • Time intelligence functions: YEAR, MONTH, YTD, etc.
  • Context in DAX: row context, filter context.

6. Building Interactive Dashboards

Objective: Allow participants to integrate their knowledge into a comprehensive, interactive dashboard.
  • Principles of effective dashboard design.
  • Adding and configuring page navigation.
  • Incorporating drill-through and tool-tips.
  • Sharing and publishing dashboards.

7. Advanced Features & Techniques

Objective: Explore more sophisticated capabilities of Power BI.
  • Using Power BI Q&A for natural language queries.
  • Creating dynamic measures with "What if" parameter.
  • Working with Power BI Templates.

8. Integration with other Microsoft Tools

Objective: Highlight the synergy between Power BI and other Microsoft products.
  • Integration with Excel.
  • Power BI integration with Microsoft Teams.

9. Conclusion & Q&A Session

Objective: Consolidate learning and address any queries.
  • Recap of key points.
  • Q&A session to clear any doubts.
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