(Re)Building Personal Branding for Women Relaunching Their Careers

Empower Your Career Comeback with a Robust Personal Brand
Why This Training?
Navigating the professional realm after a hiatus can seem daunting. Your personal brand plays a pivotal role in creating positive first impressions, opening doors to opportunities, and helping you stand out in a competitive environment. Especially designed for women aiming to relaunch their careers, this training will not only help you understand the essence of personal branding but also guide you in molding it into a powerful asset that celebrates your journey, including the hiatus.
Duration: 3 Hours (online / virtual live session)

Who Should Attend?

 Women preparing to return to the professional world after a break.
 Individuals feeling out of touch with the modern professional landscape and want to regain their footing.
 Anyone looking to redefine and reestablish their professional identity.

Course Highlights

 Recognize and Reflect: Understand your past brand and its relevance in today's context.
 Strategic Brand Redefinition: Align your branding objectives with your career relaunch goals.
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 SWOT Analysis Tailored to Career Relaunch: Address potential employer concerns, leveraging strengths, and recognizing fresh opportunities.
 Content & Networking Strategies: Create compelling narratives and connect with the right professional networks to amplify your visibility.
 Ongoing Brand Development: Tools and techniques to continually evolve and strengthen your brand.


 A willingness to introspect and redefine one's professional identity.
 Basic knowledge of social media platforms, especially LinkedIn.

Training Materials Needed from Participants:

A laptop or tablet with internet access.
Any previous professional profiles/portfolios (if available).
A list of any activities undertaken during the hiatus (courses, voluntary work, freelance projects, etc.).
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Training Content

(Re)Building Personal Branding for Women Relaunching Their Careers

Session 1:  Recognizing and Reflecting on Your Previous Brand

Introduction to Personal Branding in Career Relaunch:
  • Definition and the crucial role it plays in reintegrating into the workforce.
  • Addressing the hiatus: How to effectively communicate career breaks.
Self-assessment and Reflection:
  • Reviewing past professional identity and its relevance now.
  • Embracing experiences during the hiatus (e.g., voluntary work, freelance projects, courses, parenting skills) and understanding their value.

Case Studies:
  • Analysis of successful personal brand transformations of women who relaunched their careers.
  • Learnings from their journey: strategies and pitfalls.

Session 2: Re-envisioning Your Brand for a New Chapter

Redefining Your Brand Vision:
  • Assessing how professional goals and aspirations have evolved.
  • Setting clear branding objectives aligned with your relaunch goals.
SWOT Analysis Tailored to Career Relaunch:
  • Addressing potential employer concerns and leveraging strengths.
  • Recognizing opportunities in the current professional landscape.
Strategizing Your Brand Revamp:
  • Optimal platforms for visibility (especially LinkedIn).
  • Positioning your hiatus as a strength and unique value proposition.

Session 3: Implementation, Networking, and Ongoing Development

Content Strategy for Brand Relaunch:
  • Creating narratives that authentically capture your journey.
  • Emphasizing skills honed during the break that enhance your professional value.
Networking with Purpose:
  • Engaging with relevant professional groups, especially women-centric networks.
  • Seeking out mentors or coaches experienced in career relaunches.
Monitoring, Feedback, and Continuous Growth:
  • Tools to track your brand's influence and reach.
  • Adapting based on feedback and the evolving professional environment.
Celebrating Small Wins:
  • Recognizing milestones in the relaunch journey.
  • Building on successes and learning from challenges.
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