Unconscious Bias for Women in Tech

Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Tech Industry: Empowering Women
Why This Training?
The tech industry, known for its revolutionary innovations and progressive thinking, is not exempt from the deep-rooted societal issue of unconscious biases. Women in tech face unique challenges that can hinder their career progression, team collaboration, and overall morale. By understanding, identifying, and actively working against these biases, we can foster a more inclusive, fair, and thriving tech environment. This training is designed to address these specific challenges and pave the way for a more inclusive future.
Duration: 3 Hours (online / virtual live session)

Who Should Attend?

 Tech professionals: From developers to managers, anyone in the tech space will benefit from a deeper understanding of gender biases.
 HR & Hiring Managers: Those in charge of recruiting and nurturing talent will gain invaluable insights.
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 Women in Tech: Equip yourself with tools and strategies to navigate and advocate in the tech world.
 Allies: Anyone committed to promoting gender equality and understanding their role in the bigger picture.

Course Highlights

 Deep Dive into Unconscious Bias: Understand its origins, implications, and manifestations specifically in the tech world.
 Women in Tech Spotlight: Unpack the unique challenges, stereotypes, and barriers women face in tech.
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 Practical Tools & Strategies: From introspection exercises to bias assessment tools tailored for tech environments.
 Actionable Plans for Inclusivity: Learn about allyship, mentorship, and strategies to promote a balanced tech ecosystem.


 A willingness to introspect, question, and grow.
 Basic understanding of the tech industry dynamics (though not mandatory).

Training Materials Needed by Participants

A notebook or digital device for taking notes.
Any past workplace experiences or scenarios they'd be comfortable sharing, related to biases (this can be helpful for discussions and can be kept anonymous).
An open mind and commitment to change.
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Training Content

Unconscious Bias for Women in Tech

Session 1: Unraveling Unconscious Bias in Tech

Introduction to Unconscious Bias in Tech
  • Definition and origins of unconscious bias, with a lens on the tech sector
  • The science behind how our brains form biases
Biases Faced by Women in Tech
  • Stereotypes and misconceptions about women in STEM fields
  • Real-world examples and testimonies

Impact of Unconscious Bias on Women in Tech
  • Career progression and opportunities
  • Effects on team dynamics, collaboration, and innovation

Session 2: Recognizing and Identifying Gender Biases in Tech

Self-awareness and Introspection
  • Reflecting on personal experiences and biases in tech workplaces
  • Understanding the subtle and overt manifestations of bias
Bias Assessment Tools in the Tech Context
  • Tools specific to assessing gender bias in tech environments
  • Interpreting results and their implications for women in tech
Case Studies: Unconscious Bias Against Women in Tech
  • Real-world scenarios showcasing gender biases
  • Group discussions on potential influences and ways to foster inclusivity

Session 3: Advocating for Women and Mitigating Biases in Tech

Mindfulness and Conscious Decision-Making
  • Techniques to champion women's roles and voices in tech discussions
  • The role of emotional intelligence in addressing gender biases
Creating Inclusive Tech Cultures for Women
  • Strategies for mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship
  • Benefits of diverse and inclusive tech teams
Action Plan for Women in Tech
  • Setting personal and organizational goals to combat biases
  • Resources for ongoing advocacy and development in championing women in tech
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