Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

The course is addressed to women who are interested in starting a career in Data Science.

What is the structure of the course?

The course consists of self study hours and live online expert teaching hours. You will be given the course material to follow and track your learnings and goals. Please also see our Course Roadmaps.

If I cannot continue with the course can I get a refund?

If you cannot continue with the course you would have an option to halt the program and credit will be added to your account and you would be able to redeem the credit for the next available course.

Is there any age restriction for learners?

We welcome 18+ year old learners to join our programs.

What is the technical background required?

There is no specific technical background needed to join our program, however we encourage you to prepare yourself for self studies of materials.

I don’t have any knowledge of any programming language, can I still participate? What is the technical background required?

The course will give you a general introduction to Python programming. Although previous experience with programming languages can give you a quicker start, we are also addressing participants without any programming skills. As a member of our online community, you will have access to expert’s help if you are stuck with specific problems.

Will the recordings of the live sessions be available for recap?

No, due to privacy restrictions there won't be any recordings provided afterwards.

What are the required operating software for this course?

We use Jupyter Notebooks for teaching Python programming. We recommend installing Anaconda for the use of Jupyter notebooks. It is available on all operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux), you can find the installation here:
For the online sessions we are using Zoom. To participate in the online training, you need an internet-capable computer with an up-to-date browser as well as a good microphone & speakers or headset and a webcam.

Can I get a certificate by attending this course?

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance from WAIA. Further, the course gives you foundation for taking an exam for example Microsoft Azure Data Science certificates.

Where can I get the course materials and notes?

Once you register for the program you will be invited to join the members area which you will have direct access to the program outline and materials to help you through your learning journey.

How many hours of self-study per week are suggested?

We suggest to learners to invest 5-8 hours of self-study per week to fully embrace the course materials and prepare themselves for certification.

How is the community group going to help me throughout this course?

At WAIA we strongly believe in the "Working Out Loud” concept therefore, working and learning in the group of like-minded learners would help to learn and solve any learning issues collectively.

Who is the scholarship for and how can I apply for one?

We do have limited places for scholarship holders, therefore we encourage any learners who are interested to be part of the program, but face financial difficulties to contact WAIA directly on and explain their situation and motivation to take part in the program.
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