IF you are an employer and wants to sponsor our learner, we would love to hear from you. 
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We have the following options for financing of your learning programs.

Education Financing

You can get it financed by our partner and pay it later when you can afford it

Public Funding-Bildungsgutschein

Yes you can finance your learning by a funding provided from Arbeitsagentur.

Check here if you are eligible for Bildungsgutschein

Pay yourself / via your employer

You can pay it or ask your employer to pay for it.
You can pay it in 3 Instalments too.

Schedule a call with our learning advisor
 If you are a prequalified  woman but financially in a difficult situation, you can contact us to get listed for the scholarship.

If you are a social-impact driven organisation or a company you can provide our learners scholarships.We can develop them for your specific AI Jobs.
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