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We're driven by the belief that empowering women in tech not only advances individual careers but also transforms industries for the better and for making AI ethical and accessible to all. 
Our commitment to ethical AI ensures a responsible tech future.

Vision and Mission

Our passion is fueled by a visionary commitment to gender equity, ethical tech, and the advancement of women in the tech industry.

What We Do

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Data Skills Training and Workshops

Tailored training to equip women with essential data skills. From introductory courses to advanced analytics and Machine Learning, our training and workshops cater to various skill levels.

Ethical AI Training

Our comprehensive ethical AI courses guide participants through the complex landscape of AI ethics. From bias mitigation to transparency, we empower participants to develop responsible AI solutions.

Custom Corporate Programs

Elevate your organization's workforce with our customizable training solutions. Address your company's unique needs, whether it's enhancing data literacy across departments or fostering a culture of ethical AI development.

Global Partnerships

Collaborate with industry leaders and organizations to set ethical AI standards. Our partnerships with IEEE, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, and Arbeitsagentur demonstrate our commitment to driving positive change on a global scale.

Flexible Training Delivery

At WOMEN AI ACADEMY, we understand that every organization's learning preferences vary. That's why we offer flexible training delivery options tailored to your convenience:

Virtual Instructor-Led

Engage in dynamic training sessions led by our experts virtually. Benefit from interactive discussions, real-time Q&A, and the ability to participate from anywhere.


Access our training modules at your convenience. Learn at your own pace while still having access to our expertise.


If you prefer face-to-face interactions, we can organize on-site training sessions tailored to your organization's schedule and location.

Hybrid Format

Combine the benefits of virtual and on-site training for a customized learning experience.

Why Choose Us

Custom Corporate Solutions

Tailored training programs to meet your company's unique needs and objectives.

Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced industry professionals with a deep understanding of corporate challenges.

Diversity and Skill Enhancement

Foster a culture of diversity and inclusion while enhancing your team's technical prowess.

Ethical AI Expertise

Equip your team with the skills to navigate AI's ethical challenges responsibly.

Pioneering Ethical AI

Our team was among the first to co-develop ethical AI standards and training for global certification programs.

Renowned Collaborations

We've partnered with esteemed organisations such as IEEE, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, and Arbeitsagentur to deliver top-tier training.

Impactful Results

We've successfully trained over 150 women in data skills, fostering their professional growth.

Upcoming Trainings

Data Analytics & Data Engineering Bootcamp

(24 weeks, funded by Arbeitsagentur for unemployed)

SQL for Data ManipulationTraining

(1 week, daily 3 hours)

Power BI Training

(1 week, daily 3 hours)

Python for Data

(1 week, daily 3 hours)

Python Foundations

(1 week, daily 3 hours)

Data Analytics with Python

(1 week, daily 3 hours)

Machine Learning for Business

(2 weeks, daily 3 hours)


(1 week, 3 hours daily)

Data Visualization

(1 week, 3 hours daily)

Data Governance and Ethics 

(1 week, 3 hours daily)

Female Empowerment Trainings

(6 weeks, 3 hours weekly)

Professional Skills for WOMEN

(12 weeks, 3 hours weekly)

AI Ethics for Non-Technical People

(1 day)

AI Ethics Awareness Workshop for Technical People

(1 day)

AI Ethics Standards and Regulations

(1 day)

Introduction to Data, AI, and Machine Learning Training

(1 day)
Choose Women AI Academy to embark on a journey of empowerment and growth in the data field. Contact us today to discover how our training programs can help you gain the data skills you need to succeed.

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