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We inform and inspire our community newcomers with our weekly free info-webinars.
If you want to learn:
  • What AI is and why we are all concerned?
  • How can you learn AI skills too?
  • How can you find jobs in AI?
  • How can you find further help?
  • Q&A session for your individual questions

​Join us in our live sessions. It is always a good time-investment to get so much valuable information in such a short time.
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eBook: Reinvent Your Career in AI/Data Science
In addition to our free info-webinar, we compiled all valuable practical information and lessons learned in this eBook.
  • Why should we all care for AI and why is it different from other techs?
  • What are the challenges of the current tech world from social perspective?
  • What is AI and how can you learn it?
  • How can you find a job in AI?
  • How can you create bigger social impact as ETHICAL AI Activist?

    Yes, we give it for free when you signup for our academy.
    (Please note that it will be available by April 2022)

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Yes, we are aware that journey for women in tech is a long and challenging one. You might have many questions you'd want clarified and get tips on where and how to start. If you ask yourself questions like;
  • Is the AI / tech right area for me?
  • can I re-use my current skills?
  • I don't have any technical / programming background, can I still learn it?
  • Is it realistic to find a job after 40+ in a new area?
  • and many more...

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